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To-Do Tuscany: Greppolungo di Camaiore

Greppolungo di Camaiore
Greppolungo di Camaiore

The tiny village of Greppolungo is just a few kilometers outside our back door. Hiking trails meandering through ancient olive groves alongside spectacular sea views is a stunning contrast!

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On-Site Guesthouse

GlassHaus Guest-House / Art-House
Tuscany Holiday Guesthouse

We are pleased to be able to offer on-site accommodation, both to those taking our various courses and those who are not.

Our charming guesthouse offers private access, double bed, bathroom (with shower) and even a fireplace for our winter guests. The suite opens directly onto the veranda and garden.

For pricing and details, please visit our Glasshaus Italy website:

Tuscany Holiday Guesthouse
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